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Cakes From Birthdays Past- Part 2, “My 5-Foot-Long Train Cake”

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Last year, I decided to have a train party for my son’s birthday.

Another birthday, another crazy cake.

Yes, the train cake was actually 5 feet long.

In progress…

Why was it 5 feet long, you ask?


Because there were a lot of people…

Because I wanted 6 different cake flavors…

Because the cake pans were large… 

OK, I don’t know why it was that big—other than I must be crazy.

Still in progress…

The wheels were Oreos.  The tracks were wafer cookies and Oreo Sticks.  There was even a car full of M&Ms.

The kids loved it!

So… what did I do after I finished making this cake?

I made cupcakes and a small cake, of course! 

I made the little trains with chocolate molds.

And I think this is the first time I ever piped frosting– the little train tracks.

I was very proud of myself.  🙂

And here is the finished cake.

Yeah,  I didn’t take a good picture before the party– and I was too busy during the party.

I’ve since learned my lesson.  🙂

(For more theme party ideas, see my cake gallery.)


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  1. I love the train cake and the cupcakes, too! 🙂

  2. this cake is amaazing! lucky kid 🙂

  3. Wow, that is quite the cake! Such a great way to have an amazing amount of flavors!

  4. Love the train track!

  5. What a beautiful cake and well-told story. You made me laugh out loud! Thank you!

  6. wow…this is awesome…i too would love that M&M cart

  7. What a lucky little boy! You did a great job! 🙂

  8. My god!!!! You are comedy inspiring!!!! Your blog is going to make me fat (-ter….) x

  9. I’ve always wanted to make cute cakes like this, they just don’t ever seem to come out right! You are talented!!

  10. Oh my goodness I love this! My nephew is past the train stage, dang it. Or maybe I should be happy about that, I know this must have taken a long time to make! It’s fab.

    • Thank you!! It did take quite a while, but it was worth it. 🙂 If your nephew is past the train stage– I do have some other themes I did for my older kids. Check them out if you get a chance! And I’ll be posting more…

  11. What child wouldn’t love this? Every detail is perfect.

  12. My oldest would have loved this! He used to be so into trains, this would have been a perfect cake for him. Beautiful work on it!!

  13. A party that someone as an adult will still be talking about! Great work and creativity. Looks yummy, too.

  14. you are officially my cake baking idol! look at how intricate the design of that cake is! seriously, this is so amazing!

  15. Wow! What an amazing, fun idea! We are past the train stage in our house as well, but I *know* this would have been a huge hit! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  16. WOW! That’s the only word to describe how awesome that cake looks and how much work you put into it! Simply amazing!

  17. The train looks amazing! How do you come up with these creative ieas?

    • Thank you!! I just think of a theme, and then try to make a cake different from the rest. It takes a lot of planning because my ideas keep changing! 🙂

  18. Wow. The train is amazing! I remember seeing a similar cake in my moms australian women’s weekly cook book and always thought it looked so good.

  19. This birthday train is just amazing!!!
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  20. I made a similar cake once . . .all the toothpicks made it very dangerous to eat and it wasn’t nearly as pretty! Very nice work!

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  22. Awesome! you are one creative individual! I love the train

  23. Your cakes look simply amazing, I wish mine were quite as impressive!

  24. Wow this cake is so beautiful. I have nominate you for the beautiful blogger award, please pick it up from:

  25. Love the ickle train cakes. I really love doing coordinating cupcakes.

  26. Great cakes Geraldine.. I especially like this one… Hope I could make such a great train cake one day.. maybe for my kids (I.e. when I plan one 🙂 ) I also love the way you write.. It totally shows how much you love what you do and have fun while doing it..

    Keep up the great work!

    Thanks for visiting our blog. Glad you liked our post.


  27. Can you share how you made this cake?

    • Of course– I just baked 6 cakes in a large loaf pan and frosted them with buttercream frosting. I carved out the engine and caboose, and I covered an ice cream cone with chocolate for the smokestack. I hope that helps!

  28. Oh my god, my mind is blown! 😀


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