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Cakes From Birthdays Past- Part 4, “Bakugan Party”

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I am going crazy preparing for a party coming up this weekend, so I have no time to bake!  Well, no time to bake anything else besides party desserts, that is…

But hopefully I can entertain you with one of my parties from the past, when I was baking-challenged.

When my son asked for a Bakugan party last year, I had no idea what he was talking about.

Then he showed me a Bakugan card, so I made it into a cake. 

This is a brownie cake.

Sorry about the terrible picture, but I had no idea I would one day blog about it!

I made the logo out of chocolate, and sprayed the frosting with edible spray paint.

And here is one of the Bakugan ball cakes.  One of the first times I piped frosting. 

Considering I had no idea how to pipe frosting, it took me a really long time!

My son actually asked for specific Bakugans, so I had to make the right colors and patterns.  Don’t ask me what their names are though…

And this is an open Bakugan:

Finally, here are all the cakes, on an 8-foot table:

And that’s all the entertainment I have for today.  🙂

(To see my more recent cakes, you can visit my Cake Gallery.)


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  1. Wow, you did really good on these. I hope he impressed his friends with the cakes? 🙂

  2. Wow! That is very impressive.

  3. wow, did you make all these for your son for just ONE birthday!? can you say super lucky boy!?!? 😀 wouldn’t like to see the number of munchkins these were made to feed 😀

  4. asliceabovetherest

    Where did you get the airbrush tool? I want one but need some suggestions, thank you.

  5. You are so a talented baker! This is so amazing! =)

  6. why does that open Bakugan look like something out of Transformers III? LOL.Nice stuffs.

  7. That is an impressive amount of cakes for one party!

  8. Bakugan!? New one on me. But I bet my son has knowledge. GREAT looking cakes.


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