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Halloween Goodies

So this year I stayed away from spider desserts.

I made mini cupcakes. Nothing creepy or crawly.

They’re chocolate, and I put them on a black plate– so it kinda looks like the frosting is floating!

I also made chocolate-covered mummy pretzels. 

My 3-year-old asked why I had made “Wrapped up ghosts.”

I told him it was a mummy. 

He asked, a Mommy?

I said no, a mummy.

He said Mommy?

I said no, it’s a wrapped up ghost. 

He was happy.

The cookies were bats and ghosts. (I’m sure you could’ve figured that out on your own, but I had to say SOMEthing about them!)

And finally the  chocolate cake balls. 

Yes, the dessert that causes me the most stress.

And that’s it.

I wanted to make more elaborate stuff, but I was interrupted by a bunch of soccer games, a potential broken finger (my son), an allergic reaction (my other son),
a party, a hurricane, and much more.

Maybe next year…  🙂


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  1. Hi Geraldine! I like your mummy chocolate. It looks elaborate. By the way, I’ve been wanting to make soft and delicious pretzels–not necessarily low fat. Is it easy to make them? Thanks!

    • Thanks Beth!! Yes, the pretzels are really simple to make. They take a little bit of time, but it’s not too bad. And if you don’t mind making them with a little more fat, you can always brush some melted butter on top for extra flavor! 🙂

  2. I thought I was losing my mind with ~4 dozen red velvet cupcakes last night, and no hurricane or mom stuff going on in our house! Very nicely done 🙂

  3. Looks lovely! I especially love the bat and ghost cookies…. Hope that your son’s allergic reaction and finger are okay. Happy Halloween!!

  4. Beautiful work – I’m surprised you managed to fit it all in with those pesky boys (hope they are both ok!)

  5. haha – wrapped up ghost… kids are hilarious!

  6. Very cool! Quite a spread for a mom that had so much else to cope with!

  7. petit4chocolatier

    Geraldine, I love all of your magnificent Halloween baking treats; especially those mummy pretzels! You have a lot of things going on and one would never know it looking at this beautiful art of baking!

  8. The cookies are my favourite too, although it all looks amazing! Glad your sons are okay. Abigail x

  9. Very nice, I love them all! Cake balls can be a pain to make but they look amazing! 🙂

  10. Not too shabby considering the hurricane and pesky medical emergencies! Makes me feel like an underachiever in comparison 🙂

  11. so get extra mom points for making all of those! pretzel “mommys” are the cutest..lovely as always..sarah

  12. How do you get your bat and ghost cookies so evenly and nicely coated?? They’re perfect!

    • Thank you so much! That’s funny, because I have a really hard time piping icing on cookies– so I make this one because it’s easy. I just brush it on with a pastry brush– it’s a little time-consuming, but tasty! 🙂

  13. recipes…pls do put up the recipes 🙂

  14. Those ghost cookies are so adorable! I wish I’d seen them before Halloween this year. You know what? I’ll just call them the Ghost of Christmas Past or something because I have to make them, ha. So cute!

  15. Great work. ^_^ It must have taken sometime to make mummies. I really like your ideas. ^_^

  16. Those pretzels mummies….I mean wrapped up ghosts 🙂 look fab!

  17. Love your ‘Wrapped Up Ghosts’!

  18. Love the ‘Wrapped up ghosts’! Very cute!


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