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My Christmas Desserts

I haven’t even started wrapping presents.  And I still have a couple of desserts to make.

So there’s no time to write you a story!

Therefore, you’ll just have to look at pictures.

Here are my Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies:

Tree cookies a

I figured it wouldn’t be fun to show my Christmas desserts AFTER Christmas, so I’m just throwing the pictures up here.

Here are big (and I mean big– almost the size of my hand) Snowflake Sugar Cookies. 

Snowflake cookies a

This was the second time I’ve ever piped icing on cookies. Hard work!!

And medium snowflakes:

Snowflake cookies 3a

And little snowflakes:

Snowflake cookies 4a

OK, no more snowflakes.

I also made little brownie reindeer:

Brownie Reindeer a

M&M and Oreo Bark:

M&M and Oreo Bark a

White chocolate fudge (I made it a few minutes ago, so this is the only picture I have):

Fudge a

And Chocolate Spritz Cookies with chocolate glaze:

Spritz Cookies 2a

Gingerbread men (sorry for the bad picture, but I’m running around like crazy)!

Gingerbread Men a

And finally, the Holiday Party Mix I made for all the teachers.  All 15 of them!

Holiday Party Mix a

I have a few more, but I didn’t get to take pictures yet– so I’ll post them some other time.

Time to run…  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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  1. looks yummy and sweet! Give me some!

  2. Those snowflakes and Christmas trees look wonderful. You did a very nice job.

  3. These all look great and DELICIOUS! Good luck with your wrapping!

  4. Wow, these are all amazing!

  5. when will my box be arriving in the mail? 😉 haha. They are all pretty pretty–just like your blog title.

  6. All your bakes looked so adorable! =)

  7. I Love the snowflakes… and the Christmas tree… And the Gingerbreadmen… All of your Cookies look delicious! Happy Holidays!!

  8. Wow, you’ve baked loads! And they all look FANTASTIC! Well done you. Love the gingerbread man, so cute.

  9. These all look wonderful, as always! I especially love the big snowflakes! And the brownie reindeer are cute. It all looks yummy to me!

  10. They all look amazing – you have been very busy in the kitchen!

  11. I love the snowflake cookies, the piping looks so beautiful! I still have a batch of sugar cookies to make and this definitely gives me some inspiration!!

  12. Wow, you bake like you mean it! These look delicious! Hope you have a great Christmas.

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog and “liking” my cupcakes. I love your cookies they are just amazing and so beautiful.

  14. petit4chocolatier

    Geraldine, everything looks amazing! I love how you decorate!!
    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link on my reblog page?

  15. Amazing! So festive! Can’t wait to see the recipes!

  16. Wow! Awesome creations!! How do you make your cookies look so professional? I’m terrible at making my desserts look pretty. Your cookie xmas trees are so pretty! Any tips? Happy Holidays!

    • Aw, thank you so much. The trees were made with a glaze, and you just brush it on. Make sure you cover the sides. Very simple! I don’t really have tips for the snowflakes because it’s only the second time I’ve ever piped icing on cookies– still praciting! Happy Holidays to you too!

  17. You are a talented baker. These all look so good! Merry Christmas as you enjoy your goodies. Thanks for posting.

  18. You cookies are GORGEOUS! I wish I had the patience and willpower to not eat my food before making it pretty. 🙂

  19. It all looks so yummy! 🙂

  20. I love the Christmas tree cookies. So cute!

  21. Oh they all look beautiful! Love the decorating! I wonder if you would share the recipe for the M&M Oreo bark? Sounds delish 🙂

    • Thank you!! The M&M Oreo Bark is sooo easy. You just melt whatever chocolate you like, then stir in pieces of oreos (I used pieces without the cream), then spread it out on a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet. Top with mini M&Ms and sprinkles– and put in the fridge to harden. Crack into bite-sized pieces and enjoy! Yum! 🙂

  22. Wow! Look how busy you have been! I can definitely relate!

  23. I love your Christmas Tree cookies, and the stars with silver “dots” and the next stars and another too 😉 I quick look on your Blog and I’m impressed about your sweet-arts.
    The golden brownie looks soooooooooo tasty, I will try it sometimes this year, maybe for my birthday 🙂

  24. Love the snowflakes. They’re beautiful! Isn’t this a fun time of year for a baker?

  25. love all of your Christmas treats!

  26. Holy COW that is a lot of holiday baking!! It makes me feel like an underachiever with my lowly 16 batches of Chex mix 🙂 Happy New Year and here’s to lots more beautiful sweets for 2013. The blog looks fantastic, congrats!

  27. Your Christmas cookies are lovely. You did a stellar job on the decorating!

  28. Wow these are some classy looking holiday treats, great share!

  29. Love what you made at Christmas. I want to learn how to put the icing on neatly.
    Just beautiful.

  30. Your iced cookies look awesome!

  31. You’re making me wish that I was teaching again, if just to receive a bag of goodies from you!!! Way to go on the baking! I used live in DC…so enjoy the cold and enjoy the city…it’s a marvelous place to live. Adored the Christmas tree cookies!

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  33. Cool! How you make the colorful glazes? Green etc?


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