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Valentine’s Day Desserts 2013

I’m too tired to think of anything clever to say.

Are you shocked?

But I didn’t want Valentine’s Day to go by without showing you what I made.

Here is all I had time for (not as much as I hoped):

Valentine's cupcake 2a

Low fat strawberry cupcakes with buttercream frosting

I had to add some Valentine’s Day color to my chocolate chip cookies:

Cookies a

Chocolate Chip and M&M cookies

Anyway, I spent Valentine’s Day at home.

We ordered pizza.

Mini heart cakes with white chocolate chips

Mini heart cakes with white chocolate chips

Valentine’s dinner with my husband and 3 very loud boys.

Not very romantic, huh?

Well, it’s the best way to spend Valentine’s Day– with my 4 Valentines.  🙂

Valentine's cupcake 4a

Valentine's cupcake 5a


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  1. I understand why you have nothing to say. Your nice work says it all.

  2. I plan to try a sugar free cupcake using splenda

  3. Yum! Everything looks amazing! Your day sounds like mine. Evening home with hubby and kids, it was perfect.

  4. Did you make all four of those treats today? All very pretty:-)

  5. I think that’s the perfect way to spend today. With the ones you love and these beautiful Valentines treats. The Husband and I came home grouchy from work, ate vegetable soup, and then our laundry machine started leaking. I’d take your evening over mine any time! 😉

  6. Ooooh! This all looks sooooo good! Yup, that’s all that matters – spending the day with your four loves!

  7. aww they look super cute and delicious

  8. What a festive collection of treats! I didn’t make any this year!

  9. Those cupcakes with the 2 hearts are so cute and look delicious! I have spent many Valentine’s Days with my 4 Valentines also!:) It is a great way to spend it!

  10. No wonder you’re exhausted. 3 boys to look after. We have two and that is more than enough. I bet they love your cooking though. They are truly lucky to have such expertise in their kitchen. Once again you blaze the trail for us lesser mortals who can only look on in awe and wonder. I know it is ‘only’ cupcakes ‘n cookies but you elevate them to a whole new level. Wowzers!!!

  11. Everything looks GREAT, Ger!!

  12. Your cupcakes are SO CUTE! And I want to devour those cookies.

  13. Aw man I wish I could have seen those mini heart cakes before Valentines day! I will have to try and create something similar next year 🙂 I love your blog by the way, glad I found it!

  14. These look so cute – I bet they taste good too! I just wish I’d of seen them in time for valentines xo


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