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Halloween Desserts 2013

Let me start by saying that I hate spiders.

Really really hate.

Yet for Halloween, I find myself making edible spiders, of all things.  (It’s not the first time…)

Spider cupcake

These might look big, but they are mini cupcakes. You know, small enough so that the spider looks real. Yuck.

I can’t even imagine eating one, even if it’s made out of fondant.

But no one else had a problem eating them…

I also made some Frankenstein heads, per my 6-year-old’s request.

Frankenstein cupcake 2

Is he cute, or what?

Then there were these:

Boo cupcakes

Apparently, they were a hit.  The kids were fighting over what letters to eat!

I also made a brownie pizza the week before Halloween, and my family loved it so much that they asked me to make another to bring to a party on Halloween:

Brownie pizza

Cream cheese frosting, Oreos, white chocolate M&Ms, and sprinkles
(and the big black sprinkles are spiders. Yes, apparently I have a spider issue).

I thought the Halloween Oreos would be “pepperoni” on the pizza.

I was so clever, wasn’t I?

But when no one mentioned it, I had to tell them it was pepperoni.

That’s when my 6-year-old said, “Oooh, I love pepperoni!”

He then proceeded to eat one, and exclaim in surprise, “Oh, it’s not pepperoni, it’s a cookie!”

I looked at him in disbelief.

He gave me a blank stare, and then kept eating.

Yeah, I have no idea what that was about…

And finally, I made my usual sugar cookies.

Halloween sugar cookies

Anyway, that’s it for now.  Sorry I’m a day late, but it’s been crazy.

I always make desserts for Halloween, and this year, I was talked into making several– and double for 2 different parties.

I thought it was ok, until I was up until 1:30am the night before finishing them up.

And up at 4:30am taking frosting out of the fridge and mixing it.

And then up at 6am decorating cupcakes for the first party.

And… well, you get the point.   🙂

Halloween cupcakes

Halloween cupcake

See here and here for past Halloween desserts.


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  1. All of your desserts look amazing! It was worth the lack of sleep! Hope you can have a restful weekend now

  2. How were the parties? Your treats look amazing. What fun 🙂

  3. All of these look incredible and really original. Halloween cakes never look appetising to me but the lilac icing and spiders look delicious and the bat cakes are brilliant!

  4. Beautiful and so creative!

  5. Those “Boo!” cupcakes are adorable!!

  6. I love the pepperoni cookies and all of your Halloween desserts! So so cute.

  7. I love them all! How do you get the icing to look so smooth on the ghost and bat cookies?

  8. O, and I saw it was pepperoni right away! 😉

  9. You are so creative and artistic – and your baking creations are, without question, pretty! Oh, my, well-done!

  10. amazing ideas! thanks for sharing!
    xx Vera & Rony

  11. A brownie pizza?? That sounds like the best thing ever!!! I must try that ^^ x

  12. These desserts are adorable!


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