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Pirate Party (Part 1)

My son wanted a pirate party, and I figured a pirate ship cake wouldn’t be too difficult.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m insane.

I don’t know why, but it was one of the most difficult cakes yet!

Ship cake 2a

Everything was edible, except the sails. The board it’s on is almost 2 feet long.

I wasn’t completely happy with it, but my son loved it, and that’s all that matters.

Then I made a simple Happy Birthday cake:

Happy Birthday Pirate Cake a

And as I was dreaming up the dessert table, I felt like I needed to make another cake– a treasure chest!  Not sure why, considering I had other desserts, plus 2 cakes already, and the party was for only 13 boys.  

It must be my obsessive baking problem.

Well, at 2am the night before the party, I was kicking myself for having decided on a third cake.  I  had been on my feet for 18 hours straight, and could barely keep my eyes open.

But I made it anyway.

And then my husband told me the treasure chest looked awful.

Yes, he went there.  (Mind you, he was tired too.)

So I picked up the cake and threw it at him.

OK, that was only in my mind.  🙂

I actually worked on it some more (because he was right), and made it look somewhat presentable:

Treasure Chest cake a

Although I have to say, when one of the boys arrived, he immediately went to open the treasure chest.  As I gasped, wondering if it would all fall apart before the party even began, he exclaimed, “Whoa! I didn’t realize it was a cake!”  

Nice.  Win for me.  🙂



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  1. Great stories and REALLY GREAT cakes! Not sure if I’ve already shared in a previous comment, but I’m totally like you with the cakes. When my oldest was 4, we had a family party with a burger theme. So I made a burger cake using casserole dishes. Frosted the burger brown, bun part yellow, etc. Then I cut up sheet cake to make fries and dipped those in red icing for ketchup. For a later princess party I made Cinderella and Belle and a castle (again, a family party with only 15 or so guests). Overboard might just be my middle name! (which goes nicely with your pirate theme, haha) You have lucky kiddos, Ger.

    • Thanks, as always, Liz!! 🙂 And yes, I remember you telling me about you going overboard. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Lol. The burger cake sounds like something my boys would love. Do you have pics of your cakes?

  2. Just read your “about” page…I’m so impressed you’ve never had any baking training yet can make cakes like this! I wouldn’t even know where to begin! How much fun for your son 🙂

  3. That is amazing! I want one 🙂

  4. wow! they are all totally awesome!
    Your husband is a brave man! Happy birthday to your son. 10 is a big deal 🙂

  5. You’re the best mom and an incredible baker! I can’t believe how amazing these intricate, detailed cakes are and that you made THREE! You’re a total rock star!

  6. I definitely would have thrown the cake! They all look amazing – well done!

  7. Looks great as always!

  8. Amazing cakes! I showed my son and he reminded me of when he asked for a Black Pearl birthday cake! Which I was not able to do! I am so impressed with these beauties! Great job matey!

  9. Sometimes you just have to give in to the obsession. Congrats to you on actually finishing 3 cakes AND having 13 boys in your house. (I have 2 of my own. I know what they are like!)

    And I don’t think anyone would have judged you if the cake-throwing had been real. Just sayin’. 🙂

  10. These look amazing!!

  11. Amazing cakes! Great job!

  12. I think it looks fantastic – and that is a lot of work!!!

  13. 3 birthday cakes – what a lucky boy! However right your husband may have been, has he not learnt the crucial rule of not criticising in the kitchen… especially when you had been so hard at it! Great job on all counts though 🙂 (and throwing the cake would have been SUCH a waste!)

    • Thank you!!! My husband was super tired since he had been helping me with cakes all day– so I gave him a break. Lol. And you’re right, throwing the cake would’ve been a waste– I worked hard on baking it and frosting it. Haha!

  14. these are awesome works of art! Kudos to an amazing mom 🙂

  15. They are all awesome! I love when people don’t realize a cake is a cake…big score for you!
    I’ve done a couple pirate ships myself:
    and my client added stuff onto it (pirates and other figures) that I never got a picture of.
    Great job on the cakes! They’re great!

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  17. Wow your cakes look amazing, I love the pictures and your kids must be so proud of you. Incredible.

  18. This is super impressive!!! My daughter’s birthday is coming up. Not sure I could undertake such a feat! Lucky kiddo you’ve got there with a rock-star mom!


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