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Valentine’s Desserts 2014

I disappointed myself this year with Valentine’s Day desserts.

I had great aspirations, but then the usual happened:

My son broke his pinky, my nanny had a birthday, we had 2 Valentine’s day parties, there was a kids’ party we had to go to the prior weekend, the kids were stuck at home for 3 snow days… you know how it goes.

So, without any further excuses, here are my brownie bites:

I piped the chocolate hearts out of chocolate, and made pink buttercream frosting.

I piped the chocolate hearts, and made pink buttercream frosting.

They weren’t cutesy enough for me, since I like very pink and red desserts, with sprinkles.

But no time, so I made brown sugar blondies with Valentine’s M&Ms.

At least the cupcake cups I put them in were cutesy!

Blondies FB

And that was all I did.

But in my defense, I also had to make a birthday cake, so you know…

Mel's cake

For our awesome nanny!

As I always say, I’ll do better next year!  🙂


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  1. Nothing ever really goes as planned. I think we all learn this time and time again but then we expect something different. In the end I think we just have to be happy for what did work out and what we were able to accomplish. These sweets look amazing! You did a great job! Cheers to you under the various circumstances too.

  2. haha, you know that your disappointment would be someone else’s victory 😉 It’s all good, Ger!

  3. I love the chocolate hearts! Such beautiful Valentine’s Desserts!!

  4. To bake or create

    I think you done really well. They all look great and very yummy! X

  5. All I managed was a batch of heart-shaped rolled ginger cookies. No pink buttercream frosting, no hand-piped chocolate hearts, no additional blondies, no fondant-covered birthday cake. If you are disappointed, you are an over-achiever who could give Martha Stewart pointers about unlimited aspirations! Your work is impressive! I hope you stop and take a deep breath once in a while! 🙂

  6. You are your own toughest critic! looks great!

  7. The brownies are adorable!

  8. Gosh, Geraldine, this certainly doesn’t look like failure to me! Your brownies are beautiful, and the M&M bars look so yummy! I tried piping chocolate for the first time this Valentine’s Day. It was fun, but I made them too thin and they all broke. It was a lesson learned so will do better next time. Your cake is beautiful, too! Your family is very blessed to have you baking all these things for them!

  9. The brownies bites look delicious! I will have to try them at home. Thanks for stopping by Sugar Coated and for the like, your blog looks great!

  10. 2 valentines parties! I just love how your life is always full of so many fabulous parties to bake for, and always a great job 🙂

  11. Awww, Geraldine, sorry your plans were derailed! But you still made some gorgeous, delicious desserts! I hope you had a happy Valentines!

  12. I think what you did looks perfect. I love the blondies and the cupcakes with the cute hearts!


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