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Outer Space Party (Part 2)

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The 3 cakes I made for the Outer Space party were not enough (in my mind), so I made more desserts…

Outer Space Cupcakes b

Mini cupcakes and regular size cupcakes, with fondant decorations.

I made a lot of stars because originally, my son asked for a  star party (he’s only 5, so I guess that was exciting for him).

When I asked what kind of cakes he wanted, he said, “Five star cakes!  And star cupcakes, star cookies…”  

I stopped him and suggested an Outer Space party, because I figured the desserts would be more fun…  and of course, I can’t just take the easy route.

So, I also made sugar cookies for the kids to take home:

Outer space cookies aAnd I felt bad for the adults, so I made smaller cookies for everyone to eat at the party:

Space Cookies a

I made “Asteroids,” which were actually banana cake balls:

Cake balls a

And just in case there weren’t enough desserts, I made my just-in-case-brownies:

Space brownies aAnd that was about it– we had enough!!  Phew!

Dessert table a

OK, next party coming soon!!!  🙂



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  1. I love your cakes and cookies!!! They look fantastic and totally inspiring!

  2. Looks wonderful! When are you coming here to cater a party??

  3. remind me how many party goers there were? Do you sent leftovers home as party favors? Amazing, all!

    • Thanks, Liz! There were only 32 at this party, but I still had to make all this. 🙂 I usually send one of the desserts home with each child (in this case it was the cookies in the bags). I do offer plates for people to take home cake– and usually they do!! I love giving it away! Of course, my kids like the leftovers too. 🙂

  4. You always have such amazing parties!

  5. That dessert spread is unreal! YUM!!!!

  6. You’re such a talented and dedicated mum! They all look fantastic!

  7. I love the colors on your Earth cookies! 🙂

  8. incredible! your talent is amazing, this must take a lot of patience x

  9. I love anything that is related to outer space. Haha. I wish I could take some of your give-away cookies. They’re all soooo cute and surely yummy! You are amazingly creative. I just love your blog! Keep it up! 🙂


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