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Robot Party (Part 1)

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This party nearly killed me.

Well, not the party– it was the robot cake:

Robot Cake 2b

He was over a foot tall…

Not like some weird horror movie where the robot comes to life and runs after me with a sharp spatula or something — it’s just that it was probably the most difficult cake yet.

I named him Dudley while I was putting him together.

I was not happy with Dudley.

In fact, I don’t think I will be making any more of these crazy cakes in the future.  I’ll stick to normal cakes.

Yes, you can blame Dudley for that…

I also made an “easy” robot cake:

Frosting robot  3a

It was not nearly as difficult as Dudley, but my hand nearly fell off from piping.

And since I had literally no time left for another cake (believe me, there are more desserts coming up in Part 2), I threw together this cake:

Robot square cake b

It didn’t look as awful as this picture! Just didn’t get a good picture of it.

Not sure why I feel compelled to make at least 3 cakes.

It’s a curse.

I know, it’s the same thing for every party: I nearly die of overbaking, then I don’t like the end products, then I post them and complain, and then I do it all over again.  

I’m so predictable.  🙂

OK, see you for Part 2!  No complaining then, I promise!




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  1. Very nice, looks tasty. 😉

  2. There’s no way in a gazillion years I could make a cake like this Just amazing – well done 🙂

  3. love that you get so cake crazy 🙂 Dudley looks delish–sorry he was so difficult.

  4. Oh yes. but the swearing to never to it again and then right the next week, taking on a huge new project, comes with the territory I think. I know I love baking, and I just can not say no to a challenge.

    We are also our own worst critic. I think you did a great job on Dudley for it being a first try at him. And yes…WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO 3 CAKES? It sounds to me like you just try to do to much. I am not sure If I believe you when you say you won’t do any of these elaborate cakes again. *wink*

    Dudley is pretty cute…the more I look at him the more I think it.

  5. They are brill, especially the first one!!

  6. I am just in awe of your talent at making cakes! Dudley looks perfect to me. It must have been very difficult, but he looks amazing.

  7. Wow! That is amazing! Great job!

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