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Halloween Food 2014

This year I didn’t go crazy baking way too many Halloween desserts for some reason.

Maybe it was because my husband was traveling all week and I was running around like crazy after my kids.

I had to stop every few minutes to shout, “Stop [insert appropriate phrase here: (fighting, walking on the table, jumping headfirst off the couch, etc.)]!”

And in all that chaos, I somehow managed to make SOMEthing.

I had to throw this little cake together really quickly:

Ghost cake a

I made the ghosts out of white chocolate.

I also made my usual sugar cookies, but decorated a bit differently this year.

For the first time, I used colored sugar on some, and used a different color glaze for others.  I’m a rebel!

Bat cookies a Ghost cookies aBat cookies 2a

Our traditional brownie pizza (well, we started the tradition just last year):

Brownie pizza a

And I did make some cute Halloween food.  There were mummy hot dogs:

Hot dog mummies a

And deviled eggs with black olive spiders on them. 

Yes, because I like to gross myself out every year for some reason.

They were a hit with my kids.

Egg spiders a

Seriously, I couldn’t even look at these. Interesting that I feel the need to make such creepy food…

 My 5-year-old even put another egg on top and called it a “spider sandwich.”

Yeah, I’m still having nightmares about that one…

And finally, my kids’ pumpkins.  I promised I would show them off.  🙂

Pumpkins a


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  1. Wow! The pumpkins look stunning and I love the spider eggs! 🙂 So simple but so evectively! Thank you for sharing, I will try them for next year on halloween… Warmly Bridget

  2. Lovely, as always!!

  3. great pumpkins and awesome goodies. You are so funny–this is NOT making overmany treats? Love how baking crazy you are 🙂

  4. That is such an adorable halloween cake with the ghosts! Everything else too, but that’s my favorite.

  5. Your kids must have inherited your talents… their pumpkins are seriously cool. Sorry, I mean CREEPY! You really have a knack for decorating. Great job! I get as far as mummy fingers and human brain (cauliflower cooked in water with a few drops of blue food colouring). That’s it.
    I really enjoyed your Olaf post, too. Excellent piping job. And the carrot is, indeed, positively authentic.


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