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Valentine’s Desserts 2015

I realize I’m always making excuses for not baking more.

So I’m not going to mention the usual craziness…

I will only say that my sinuses have been kicking my butt for 6 weeks.

Yes, 6 full weeks and still going.

But I forced myself to make at least something for the kids for Valentine’s Day!

Here are my low fat sugar cookies:

Sugar cookie a


Sugar cookies 2a

And chocolate-dipped pretzels:

Valentine pretzels a

And since that was all I was able to accomplish, I quickly made some heart-shaped waffles for breakfast:

Heart waffles a

And eggs with a heart cut out!

Heart eggs 2a

That’s all.  

Hopefully once I feel better, I’ll be back with more stuff.

Wish me luck!  🙂


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  1. In my kitchen that called going all out!!!! Thanks for sharing. I like to bake (sometimes) when the mood hits me.

  2. Very cute pretzels and cookies!!

  3. They are very cute ! Get well soon !

  4. you’re back 🙂 Thanks for sharing your baking. And sorry to hear you didn’t feel well.

  5. Adorable cookies! I hope you’re all better now and can blog soon…I’m new to your site and would love to see more!

  6. Christina Chong

    Wow I love all of these!!

  7. I love number 2 and 3! They look so amazing! Darn I should have discovered you sooner, tomorrow is my boyfriend’s birthday and I’d have loved to make him those!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂


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