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Christmas Desserts 2015

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Yes, I am aware that it’s January 9 and Christmas is long past, but I wanted to post anyway.

This year, the holidays were not the same. 

I tried my best and still got the cookies done, but some weren’t done until Christmas and some even later.

What I did finish on time were the cupcakes for my kids’ school parties.

My middle child got these:


Don’t they look huge??  They are mini cupcakes.  I love my tiny plate!

My youngest got little stockings:


My oldest got nothing, sadly, because he had no party at school.

I offered to show up to his class anyway, but he was horrified at the thought.

He is 12, after all….  🙂

I also made these new Apricot Cookies.

They taste more like a pastry.


And I made Lemon Spritz Cookies for the first time.

They were a hit!


The Cranberry and White Chocolate Chip Cookies were good, but didn’t look as pretty as I hoped:


Speaking of funny-looking, here’s my Oreo Fudge.

I made it with fat-free condensed milk though, so it was low fat!!  Yay!


So yummy straight out of the fridge!

And this year, I added pretzels to my Oreo and M&M bark:


And the rest are the cookies that I make every year (hey, I know it’s repetitive, but I work so hard on them that I need to show them off!)

My little Snowflake Sugar Cookies:


I came up with a new design this year.  The little things that make me happy…

Rainbow Cookies:


What happened to my camera?? They look like they are underwater!

Chocolate Spritz Cookies:


Lace Florentines:

Lace Florentines

Almond Biscotti:


Low Fat Chocolate Chip Biscotti:


My favorite Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies!

Christmas tree sugar cookies

And finally, although I didn’t make them in Christmas colors (gasp!), here are my chocolate dipped pretzels:


And that is all….

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!



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  1. What a beautiful and delicious variety of Christmas goodies!

  2. Looks great! Hope that you had a nice Christmas!

  3. I bake lots of cookies every Christmas so I appreciate all the love and work you put in. They all look great.

  4. Wow, all those Christmas cookies look delicious!

  5. 1partingredient9partslove

    Oh wow!…they’re all amazing!…:-)

  6. 1partingredient9partslove

    Love the little stockings and the rainbow cookies too:)

  7. That’s an impressive Christmas cookie plate , yum!

  8. Wow… Nice and diverse!

  9. These all look great – yum!

  10. I love all those Christmas goodies you made! I’m a big believer in indulgence and variety during the holidays (my heart breaks a little each time I see a Christmas platter with only 1 or 2 cookies to taste), so good job…. You should have stopped by his class anyway. Yes, he might have been horrified, but bearing treats, how ecstatic would his classmates been to see you 😉

  11. You put together a nice batch of cookies.They all look yummy!

  12. Gorgeous! Fun to find someone else who gets a little into Christmas cookies 🙂

  13. They all look so pretty and delicious !!

  14. This post made me extremely hungry…they all look really great x


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