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Olaf Party (Part 2)

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I’m finally back with Part 2 of my Olaf Party!

This might be my last post for a little while because we are moving!

If you read the Part 1 post, you know I’m allergic to Alabama… so… you know…  🙂

Anyway, here are the cake balls (supposed to be snowballs).

I’m embarrassed to post Olaf because I made a mess– but my son liked him, so here he is:


Who would’ve known that it was nearly impossible for me to make a decent-looking fondant Olaf?!?!  I sat there for hours and finally gave up.  Here’s the final product.

These are the snow-covered pretzels.

No, it’s not really snow.

Yes, it’s chocolate.

OK, can we move along now?


The mini cupcakes:


I made the chocolate snowflake toppers.


On these, I put little homemade fondant confetti.  Yes, there is such a thing. I made it up.

The little snowflake cookies (I cheated– I make these for Christmas, so they were easy):


And finally, my bigger snowflake cookies.

They came out the wrong shade and I had no time to re-do them, so they got banned from the dessert table.

I’m serious.

In fact, I threw them out as punishment.

I’m joking.

About the punishment, not the banning.  Really.


Oh why, blue, did you come out wrong???

I left them off the table, but I did give them to the kids as they each went home.

Sweet little kids– no one was offended by the wrong shade of blue!  🙂

And here are a few of the little extras (not all) I had for the party:




Now I have to pack.  See you next time!


Robot Party (Part 2)

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OK, I’m back with the rest of the desserts for the Robot Party.

These are usually my favorite desserts to make because they are waaaaay easier than the cakes.

Well, the cookies were not my favorites for this party (I hope that’s not considered complaining because I promised I wouldn’t complain this time!).

Robot cookies a

They took forever because no matter what I did, they didn’t look like robots.

Monsters? Puppets?  Weird faces that come out of your TV?  Anything but robots!!!

Finally I ran out of time and convinced myself that robots can look like anything you want.  Right?  OK.

Because of those cookies, I had no time for any more robot-themed desserts, and had to settle on color-scheme desserts.

Here are the mini cupcakes:

Mini cupcakes 2b

 I had no sprinkles that were those exact colors, so I made the dots out of fondant.

Yes, it took a lot of time– but I was happy that they matched perfectly!

And some chocolate-dipped marshmallows for the kids to take home:

Marshmallow pops a

 And the cake balls:

Cake balls a

And finally, the usual  just-in-case-we-run-out-of-desserts brownies:

Brownies a

And that’s it!!  Another party done!

Robot dessert table a

Monkey Party (Part 1)

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I want to tell you about the monkey party we had last month.  

You know, in case you want to throw your own monkey party and need some ideas. 

Or maybe you just want to look at pictures. 

And please don’t mind the pictures.  We rented a room at the local firehouse, so not the best backgrounds.  But hey, it beat having 30 little kids in my house.  

Jumping on my couches.  

Dropping cake on the rug.  

Yep, the firehouse was the way to go. 

So, this was my first tiered cake.  I have to say, it wasn’t easy for me.  But it was great fun making the little leaves with my new fondant leaf cutter!

 I made the monkeys out of fondant.  My first-ever fondant figures. 

Then I wanted a simple, yet different cake—so here is my monkey.   I love him.  I made his head with the Wilton sports ball pan, his shoulders with a large loaf pan, and then did some carving and adding in between.  His face is made out of fondant, his ears are cupcakes, and his hair is piped on.


I also always make a plain cake, that says Happy Birthday on top.  This is it.  Complete with chocolate monkeys around it (I made them with a mold).

And that’s it….

Ha, did you really believe that??? Of course that’s not it! 

That was certainly not enough.  Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow—more monkeys headed your way!!