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Outer Space Party (Part 2)

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The 3 cakes I made for the Outer Space party were not enough (in my mind), so I made more desserts…

Outer Space Cupcakes b

Mini cupcakes and regular size cupcakes, with fondant decorations.

I made a lot of stars because originally, my son asked for a  star party (he’s only 5, so I guess that was exciting for him).

When I asked what kind of cakes he wanted, he said, “Five star cakes!  And star cupcakes, star cookies…”  

I stopped him and suggested an Outer Space party, because I figured the desserts would be more fun…  and of course, I can’t just take the easy route.

So, I also made sugar cookies for the kids to take home:

Outer space cookies aAnd I felt bad for the adults, so I made smaller cookies for everyone to eat at the party:

Space Cookies a

I made “Asteroids,” which were actually banana cake balls:

Cake balls a

And just in case there weren’t enough desserts, I made my just-in-case-brownies:

Space brownies aAnd that was about it– we had enough!!  Phew!

Dessert table a

OK, next party coming soon!!!  🙂



Minions Party (Part 2)

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So here is the rest of the stuff from the Minion Party!

And I feel like it still wasn’t enough variety…  Maybe next party, when my finger is better.

Each child took home a sugar cookie:

Minions Cookies a

Some cupcakes had mini fondant Minions on them, and some had sprinkles.   🙂

Minions Cupcakes a

By the way, my husband helped with the fondant on the cakes as usual, but this time he had to help even more because of my broken finger.

He actually had to help with cleanup, like washing all the baking pans and cooling racks, and getting stuff out of the oven, and handing me stuff… Hmmm…  now that I think about it… what if my finger never stopped being broken?  You know, it could just happen to stay broken for years.  That would be terrible… 

Oops, sorry, got distracted.

Anyway, I also made banana cake balls (Minions like bananas):

Banana Cake Balls a

And finally, some plain brownies.

Just because.  🙂

Brownies a

I’ll try for more next time!!

Minion dessert table a

Super Mario Brothers Party (Part 1- Luigi Cake)

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My son told me he didn’t want a huge birthday party this year.  Just his best friends over at the house.

I thought this was going to be easy… until he said he still wanted a dessert table. 

With a Luigi cake.

This turned out to be the most difficult cake yet:

At one point, I wanted to ‘accidentally’ drop it on the floor, and just go with the cupcakes.

But with my husband’s help, I finally finished it about 3 hours before the boys arrived.

I’m not too thrilled with it, but it was the best I could do in the time I had. 

How cool is this??

I have more Super Mario baked goods that I will have to post later this week. But for now, here are the chocolate mustaches I made for each boy.

They loved holding them up to their faces and acting silly.

Oh, and the “non-party” ended up being nine 9-year-old boys in my house for 5 hours.

Yeah, and I thought it would be easy.  Ha!


Pinata (made by my husband)

Cakes From Birthdays Past- Part 3, “Hippo Party”

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One of my kids was born early, at a little over 5 pounds. 

He was tiny for a while, but a few weeks later, he figured out that he liked to eat.

A lot.

Like his mother. 

He became chunky, and I started referring to him as my little hippo.

So for his 1st birthday, I made him a hippo cake (with my husband’s help).  I had no clue how to frost cakes 2 years ago, so no making fun of my poor hippo.  🙂 

Oh, and the cake was about 2 1/2 feet long.

My son’s nickname for a while became “Moto Moto.”  (From Madagascar 2.)

Poor kid. 

I’m terrible, aren’t I? 

This was before I really knew how to make cakes, and I couldn’t handle baking more than one.  How embarrassing.  🙂

So I bought the second one and decorated it with little hippo figures.  Yeah yeah, I don’t do that anymore.  Lol.

I just love my little Hippo…

(You can see more of my kids’ cakes in my cake photo gallery.)

Soccer Party

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Yesterday  morning was pretty tough.

We lost power the night before and it wasn’t back on when I woke up.

I couldn’t stop thinking about all the food in our 2 refrigerators and huge freezer.

Should I eat it all?

Can I eat it all?

How can I possibly eat it all?

Luckily the power came back on a couple of hours later, or I would’ve worked myself into a frenzy.

OK, now that you know how much I care about my food, let me show you what I made for my son’s end-of-season soccer party last week:

I kept picturing it falling off the table right before the party.

Who does that???

Anyway, I also made mini cupcakes with a soccer ball on top.  I made the soccer balls with chocolate molds.

Let me tell you—it was only 2 colors, but it took forever!

The kids loved these and they went really fast.  (Well, my youngest son’s cupcake went really fast… onto the floor.)

But he ran back for another one, so it’s all good.

And I threw in some brownies, just for fun.

(For more cakes, see my photo gallery.) 

Cakes From Birthdays Past- Part 2, “My 5-Foot-Long Train Cake”

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Last year, I decided to have a train party for my son’s birthday.

Another birthday, another crazy cake.

Yes, the train cake was actually 5 feet long.

In progress…

Why was it 5 feet long, you ask?


Because there were a lot of people…

Because I wanted 6 different cake flavors…

Because the cake pans were large… 

OK, I don’t know why it was that big—other than I must be crazy.

Still in progress…

The wheels were Oreos.  The tracks were wafer cookies and Oreo Sticks.  There was even a car full of M&Ms.

The kids loved it!

So… what did I do after I finished making this cake?

I made cupcakes and a small cake, of course! 

I made the little trains with chocolate molds.

And I think this is the first time I ever piped frosting– the little train tracks.

I was very proud of myself.  🙂

And here is the finished cake.

Yeah,  I didn’t take a good picture before the party– and I was too busy during the party.

I’ve since learned my lesson.  🙂

(For more theme party ideas, see my cake gallery.)

Cakes From Birthdays Past- Part 1, “Under the Sea”

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Once upon a time (2 years ago), my son asked me for an “Under the Sea” party.

That was when it all started.

Up until then, I would buy birthday cakes, and maybe make some cupcakes.

I had done a bug party the previous year, but let’s not even get into that.

But I heard “Under the Sea” and something happened.

I decided to bake—and not just one cake.

Here is the main cake:

I made the fish myself with chocolate molds.

 Then I decided I needed a crab.

Not just any crab—this one was about 2 feet wide.

And suddenly, I needed an octopus—a very odd looking one, of course:

And a goofy starfish:

I also had a fish cake, some clam cookies, fish-shaped brownies, and cupcakes with chocolate whales on top. 

I did get carried away, but it was a good learning experience.

Well, I didn’t learn that I need to cut down on the amount of desserts.  I just learned that I needed to practice my decorating skills.   🙂

(BTW, if you haven’t seen my latest cakes– after I was introduced to the world of fondant– check out my other party posts, or the photo gallery.)