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Pirate Party (Part 2)

I almost forgot the rest of the Pirate Party desserts!

These are my favorite because they’re much easier than the cakes, and I can make them ahead of time.

And there was no drama, no crying, no dropping anything (well, I did drop one cookie), no freaking out, no throwing food at people… well you get the picture.    🙂

I made sugar cookies:

Pirate Cookies a

Chocolate lollipops for the kids to take home.  They were rather large lollipops!

Chocolates a

Cupcakes, of course:

Pirate cupcakes a

I made the fondant toppers.

Little brownie pirate boats:

Pirate brownies a

And pirate marshmallows.  I saw these online and couldn’t resist:

Marshmallow Pirates a

Dipped them in chocolate and drew faces with an edible marker. Super easy and they were the first to disappear!

Well, the boys seemed to enjoy the desserts.

And I did my best to feed the parents when they came to pick them up.

All in all, a success!

Pirate Dessert Table a

FYI- this is a big dining room table…





Pirate Party (Part 1)

My son wanted a pirate party, and I figured a pirate ship cake wouldn’t be too difficult.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m insane.

I don’t know why, but it was one of the most difficult cakes yet!

Ship cake 2a

Everything was edible, except the sails. The board it’s on is almost 2 feet long.

I wasn’t completely happy with it, but my son loved it, and that’s all that matters.

Then I made a simple Happy Birthday cake:

Happy Birthday Pirate Cake a

And as I was dreaming up the dessert table, I felt like I needed to make another cake– a treasure chest!  Not sure why, considering I had other desserts, plus 2 cakes already, and the party was for only 13 boys.  

It must be my obsessive baking problem.

Well, at 2am the night before the party, I was kicking myself for having decided on a third cake.  I  had been on my feet for 18 hours straight, and could barely keep my eyes open.

But I made it anyway.

And then my husband told me the treasure chest looked awful.

Yes, he went there.  (Mind you, he was tired too.)

So I picked up the cake and threw it at him.

OK, that was only in my mind.  🙂

I actually worked on it some more (because he was right), and made it look somewhat presentable:

Treasure Chest cake a

Although I have to say, when one of the boys arrived, he immediately went to open the treasure chest.  As I gasped, wondering if it would all fall apart before the party even began, he exclaimed, “Whoa! I didn’t realize it was a cake!”  

Nice.  Win for me.  🙂


Silly Monster Party (Part 2)

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I’m finally back with Part 2 of the Silly Monster Party!

I just realized I never posted it, and now it’s almost  time for the next party.

Wow, I feel tired just from saying that.

So let’s get started.  Here are the silly monster cookies, packaged for the kids to take home:

Silly Monsters Cookies a

Yes, I insisted on making every single monster face different. 

I have NO idea why I make things difficult for myself.   🙂

I also made smaller cookies for people to eat at the party:

Silly Monsters Small Cookies a

(I somehow managed to forget to take a picture of them on the serving platter, so it’s a less appealing picture!)

I also had cupcakes:

Silly Monsters Cupcakes 3a

I made the monsters out of fondant.

And I made mini blue raspberry jello cups:

Silly Monsters Jello a

Yep, I drew the little faces on each cup.

Some lime cake balls:

Silly Monsters Cake Balls a

See the creepy eyeballs?

And of course, brownies.  I think of these as my emergency backup dessert– you know, in case I run out of everything else. 

Which I never do.  

But still, just in case.

Silly Monsters Brownies a

And that was all I had time for.  I wish I could’ve done more.

I know, you can say it.  I’m crazy.   🙂

Silly Monster dessert table for FB a

Silly Monster Party (Part 1)

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Yet another party!

My son wanted a monster party this year, but he’s only 4, so they had to be “silly monsters.”  I didn’t want a bunch of little kids to be scared of the cakes, after all.

So here is the second tiered cake I ever made! 

Silly Monsters Tiered cake

I made the little monsters out of fondant. The cakes were dark chocolate and orange.

And for those of you who notice details– NO, I did not leave the letters crooked.

I hadn’t attached the letters yet.  

I promise.  

OK, then I made a big silly monster (he was about  a foot tall, and the board he’s on was 20″ x 12″):

Silly Monster Cake

He was made up of vanilla, strawberry, and lemon cakes.

Seriously, I thought my hand was going to fall off while piping the frosting.  

So much craziness, but he turned out like I pictured him.  Except I hadn’t pictured me sitting there for hours working on it!

After an hour, I was cursing myself for deciding to make an extra cake.

After 2 hours, I was ready to smash him.

But anyway, I don’t want to bore you with the details of my looooong cake-decorating session.

Before I go, here is the piñata my husband made:

Monster pinata a

It was my son who requested 4 eyes– placed exactly as you see them. I know, I thought it was weird, too.


Honestly, I told him to get a box, draw a monster face on it, and call it a day.

But nooooo… he insisted on arms, legs… the works. (I think he has some kind of piñata-making rivalry going on with one of his friends). 

Believe me, it was complicated to make, and he reinforced it to allow all the kids to get 2 turns– and even some parents.  

Silly Monsters Tiered cake 2a

OK, there you have it– until Part 2… the rest of the dessert table!

See you then!

Minions Party (Part 2)

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So here is the rest of the stuff from the Minion Party!

And I feel like it still wasn’t enough variety…  Maybe next party, when my finger is better.

Each child took home a sugar cookie:

Minions Cookies a

Some cupcakes had mini fondant Minions on them, and some had sprinkles.   🙂

Minions Cupcakes a

By the way, my husband helped with the fondant on the cakes as usual, but this time he had to help even more because of my broken finger.

He actually had to help with cleanup, like washing all the baking pans and cooling racks, and getting stuff out of the oven, and handing me stuff… Hmmm…  now that I think about it… what if my finger never stopped being broken?  You know, it could just happen to stay broken for years.  That would be terrible… 

Oops, sorry, got distracted.

Anyway, I also made banana cake balls (Minions like bananas):

Banana Cake Balls a

And finally, some plain brownies.

Just because.  🙂

Brownies a

I’ll try for more next time!!

Minion dessert table a

Minions Party (Part 1)

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My son decided he wanted a Minions party for his birthday.

I, of course, said sure– how hard could it be?

Someone really needs to slap me out of my dream world sometimes.

These guys were tough to make!

Minions Cakes a

These are chocolate, white, and strawberry cakes.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that I had to do all this with a broken finger?

Yes, I broke my finger 13 days ago playing basketball with my son…

As much as I hate to have a broken finger, at least I can say I have a “sports injury.”

I mean, what if I had broken it while washing dishes or something?  Pretty embarrassing.  

But catching a basketball?  Yeah, I’m cool.  🙂

Minions Cakes 3a

I made a yellow sheet cake, because the other 2 were apparently not enough…

You do think I’m cool, don’t you?


Umm, ok, maybe when you see the rest of the Minion stuff I did with a broken finger in my next post…

Super Mario Brothers Party (Part 2)

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So here are the rest of the desserts I made for the Super Mario party.

The cupcakes were my favorite. They had buttercream frosting with a fondant topper.

I actually had fun making these, unlike the Luigi cake that drove me crazy– and made me want to quit baking forever.  Or at least until next week.

Anyway, I did bake a lot for this party– but I only put out enough for the 9 boys.

So of course it looks like it wasn’t too time-consuming.

I beg to differ.

No, I’m not complaining.  Moving on…

Here are the sugar cookies:

Cloud Cookies

Coin Cookies

Frosted brownies:

Star Brownies

And finally, cake balls.  My son wanted them red and green because Mario and Luigi are Italian. 

Green was pineapple and red was strawberry!!

I fought with the chocolate the entire time.

I tried all different ways of melting it, so it would coat the cake smoothly.

I even threatened it.

And I lost the chocolate melting fight.  Once again.

But at least they tasted really yummy!