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My Christmas Desserts

I haven’t even started wrapping presents.  And I still have a couple of desserts to make.

So there’s no time to write you a story!

Therefore, you’ll just have to look at pictures.

Here are my Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies:

Tree cookies a

I figured it wouldn’t be fun to show my Christmas desserts AFTER Christmas, so I’m just throwing the pictures up here.

Here are big (and I mean big– almost the size of my hand) Snowflake Sugar Cookies. 

Snowflake cookies a

This was the second time I’ve ever piped icing on cookies. Hard work!!

And medium snowflakes:

Snowflake cookies 3a

And little snowflakes:

Snowflake cookies 4a

OK, no more snowflakes.

I also made little brownie reindeer:

Brownie Reindeer a

M&M and Oreo Bark:

M&M and Oreo Bark a

White chocolate fudge (I made it a few minutes ago, so this is the only picture I have):

Fudge a

And Chocolate Spritz Cookies with chocolate glaze:

Spritz Cookies 2a

Gingerbread men (sorry for the bad picture, but I’m running around like crazy)!

Gingerbread Men a

And finally, the Holiday Party Mix I made for all the teachers.  All 15 of them!

Holiday Party Mix a

I have a few more, but I didn’t get to take pictures yet– so I’ll post them some other time.

Time to run…  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!